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We have received reports of unauthorized individuals and organisations using the name and logo of QatarEnergy and its affiliates (collectively, “QatarEnergy”) in various correspondences, being circulated via e-mail and regular mail or fax, for fraudulent purposes.

These scams come in a variety of guises including offer letters and requests for proposals, invoices, and notices of change in bank account information, purportedly from QatarEnergy. These fake documents are crafted so that they are made to look like they originate from QatarEnergy.  For example, they may contain our logo and name and a replica of QatarEnergy company seals, and use fake e-mail contact details and websites which contain the words “Qatar” and “energy”.

QatarEnergy has absolutely no involvement in these fraudulent practices. For your own protection, we recommend that you remain alert to, and aware of, these scam attempts.  If you are unsure about the authenticity of a communication, please review the guidance below: 
  • In order to avoid taking action based on unauthorized or potentially fraudulent communications, please verify QatarEnergy communications through trusted sources. If you believe a communication to be unauthorized or fraudulent, please report the communication to QatarEnergy via​.  
  • QatarEnergy does not use or control any third party websites to conduct business.
  • If you receive a request to change banking details for payment, send a separate email or call your usual QatarEnergy representative with whom you typically work to confirm whether the request received is legitimate.
  • If in doubt about the legitimacy of a communication, please contact us at​ or by telephone to +974 4013 6622
Neither QatarEnergy nor its affiliates will accept liability, under any circumstances, for loss and/or damage incurred as a result of the activities carried out by unauthorized third parties.