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The QatarEnergy name and logo is sometimes used in fraudulent emails targeting prospective vendors.  These emails may refer to vendor registration and/or invitations to tender and ask for information about financial standing, capability, and suitability to handle projects.  Respondents who express an interest are then asked to provide a mandatory registration deposit payment.

In order to avoid taking action based on unauthorized or potentially fraudulent communications, please verify QatarEnergy communications through trusted sources. If you believe a communication to be unauthorized or fraudulent, please report the communication to QatarEnergy via​.

Information about genuine tenders and the procedure for vendor registration is available on the QatarEnergy website here: 

QatarEnergy will not accept liability, under any circumstances, for loss and/or damage resulting from these unauthorized emails, whether direct or consequential.

Any misuse or misleading misrepresentations of the QatarEnergy name or logo should be reported immediately to​