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As a responsible​​ leader in the energy sector, we set and expect a high standard of ethical leadership, sustainable business practices and operational excellence from ourselves and our suppliers.

Our Supplier Principles of Conduct embody our existing Values and are derived from our Code of Conduct and Foundational Policies. Detailed in a simple document, these principles set clear expectations of behavior for our suppliers and their own supply-chain, and are designed to facilitate understanding of our requirements. This Supplier Principles of Conduct document should be used as an easy reference to our most important commitments and expectations. Contained in the Supplier Principles of Conduct document are six key principles of conduct: 

  • ​Safety at work
  • Fairness and integrity
  • Respect and human rights
  • Protection of the environment
  • Action on climate change
  • Promotion of local economic and social development

We know that success relies on forging strong, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with our valued supplier community. We expect them and their own supply-chain to support us in our commitment to ethical leadership by upholding and aligning with these Supplier Principles of Conduct.

As with our Code of Conduct and Fo​​undational Policies, compliance with the principles outlined in the Supplier Principles of Conduct is not optional. We expect all our suppliers and business partners to adopt them. Likewise, we expect them to speak up if they witness or suspect behavior that is incompatible with our standards and/or the spirit in which they are intended.

Reporting a Violation 
To report a violation, please contact our Speaking Up Line:
Tel: +974-40135222​