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As the world’s leader in the production of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), we are adapting our direction and strategic objectives to meet the challenges of the new business environment with greater dynamism, resilience, and efficiency.
Energy is crucial to every single human being on earth. Its impact on humankind over the past century is unmeasurable. It has powered homes and industrial plants, and accelerated production and innovation. It has helped billions of people move across the globe in search for livelihood and better opportunities. The prosperity and security of humankind around the world hinge on a reliable supply of energy.

We are currently implementing our North Field East Project (NFE) to raise our LNG production capacity from 77 million tons per year currently to 110 million tons per year. NFE represents the first phase of Qatar’s planned LNG expansion. The second phase of Qatar’s LNG expansi​on project, the North Field South Project (NFS), will further increase Qatar’s LNG production capacity from 110 million tons per year to 126 million tons per year.
Natural gas is an important part of the solution in the energy transition, especially as we strive to eliminate energy-poverty.  Energy demand growth over the next few decades will be substantial, and LNG supplies will be essential to meeting this demand.